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Gavin Greer (RAN)

I received my copy of your book this afternoon. Thank you. I started reading it almost immediately and found it difficult to put down. Even though we were in different services and I was a maintainer not aircrew (the last 6 years of my service being spent on UH-1B), I can relate to what you have written - I can almost smell the Avcat fumes and hear the blades "wok wok woking".................. Memories........ The comradeship, work - serious and light hearted at times but never far from the threat of disaster and somehow we coped or did we? Congrats on a well written and well presented book.

Deputy Dawg (via

Exciting story of a warrior for a God and a pioneer in helicopter use in missions. Well written.

Patrick Ramsey

I flew with David in Vietnam and enjoyed his points of view of the Air Cav and the American way of doing things as opposed to the Aussie way. But the total book was very good as his career in aviation led him through life a very interesting and noteworthy time. A good story.

Dr Michael Callan

I have just "devoured "Beneath Blades", I say devoured because I could not put it down! Even though I am not a pilot, this is a great read. Well written, entertaining, humorous and exciting. Written by a quiet, self-effacing, laconic Australian chopper pilot; describing his humble beginnings through to dangerous Viet Nam reconnaissance, flying in some of the most difficult terrain in the world assisting missionaries, carrying out dangerous high voltage tower maintenance, to becoming the CEO of a highly respected helicopter company. This bloke's life reads like something out of "Biggles" but it is all true and meticulously documented. And through it all he maintains a humble Christian witness and remains a loving, devoted husband, father and grandfather. Highly recommended to anyone seeking inspiration in this jaded world.

James Stodart
(MBBS, MAgSt, M Pall Care; retired Palliative Care Consultant)

David Earley’s book ‘Beneath Blades’ is a fast moving narrative spanning nearly fifty years of a full and productive life encompassing many experiences involved in flying and operating helicopters and fixed winged aircraft in both military and civilian settings. Some of these experiences were under very stressful and demanding circumstances being balanced by lighter moments that keep one from taking life too seriously.

On a deeper level, ‘Beneath Blades’ reflects David Earley’s sincerity and integrity derived from well-learnt principles both on a professional and personal level. This extends into a deeply committed family life based around his wife, Nancy to service to a world-wide community.

The courageous writing of ‘Beneath Blades’ has been a catharsis for integrating discordant threads, of what at times were traumatic events.

I am thankful for the privilege of being able to share this journey and it challenges me to review my own life.

Dave Tela
(former Cobra pilot, US Army)

An aviator's life journey through aviation.

David writes with the candor and humility that comes from having worked at the edges of sanity and safety with a tempered view of life. For anyone interested in aviation as a career, David shares the many lessons he learned with observations and photographs to add value to the reader.
You will read it more than once.

Cranleigh Middlecoat

It's 10:55 pm Brisbane time and I've just finished reading my autographed copy of 'Beneath Blades'. I just wanted to say that I thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you and well done on producing a most enjoyable publication.

Michael Atkinson
(ex-161 pilot, currently PC9 instructor in Saudi for BAe)

I highly recommend this book to all my chopper mates, especially ex and serving 161ers.

It is a great book. It was your interview on the Rotary Wing Show that got me onto it. The Vietnam section is like a Recce pilots version of 'Chicken Hawk'. I was in 161 for 7 years and never read any unit history like that. I reckon it's required reading for any 161 or 162 recce guy.

Keith Cooper
(Vietnam veteran)

Your Book was a terrific read.

When you offered it to me on the Lifestyle Course in Noosa, I thought it may be a trigger for some issues, as I had not read anything even remotely about Vietnam since my breakdown.

I approached the book as a challenge, and used the tips and training from the courses, and the cognitive therapy from my psychologist, to prepare for these issues. The style and humour in the book really relaxed me, so I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Thank you for putting your own experiences on the line and assisting me to overcome some of my issues, - I know it can be very difficult.
I have since loaned your excellent book to a neighbour so the whole world will soon know all about you.

Thank you again and congrats on a great book. I look forward to the next one about “Family”.

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