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David Earley’s flying career of 46 years has been an amazing journey. From Arnhem Land to Vietnam, from the USA to Papua New Guinea, from Irian Jaya (West Papua) to Nepal, to Moscow and beyond... Flying airplanes and helicopters in some of the most inaccessible, demanding places on earth has involved fear and exhilaration: discovery of personal faith; encounters with water buffalo and a very large snake; crocodile surveys; combat operations in Vietnam and Cambodia; visiting a treehouse-dwelling nomad tribe; training in Moscow; high altitude operations; seemingly impossible airstrips; a devastating accident; and much more.

From Army pilot, to Chief Pilot, to Chief Executive Officer of a major Australian helicopter company – his story will grip, entertain and inform those with an interest in adventure, aviation, cultural differences, management and personal growth.

REVIEW by: Keith Cooper

(Vietnam veteran)

Your Book was a terrific read.

When you offered it to me on the Lifestyle Course in Noosa, I thought it may be a trigger for some issues, as I had not read anything even remotely about Vietnam since my breakdown.

I approached the book as a challenge, and used the tips and training from the courses, and the cognitive therapy from my psychologist, to prepare for these issues.

The style and humour in the book really relaxed me, so I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Thank you for putting your own experiences on the line and assisting me to overcome some of my issues, - I know it can be very difficult.

I have since loaned your excellent book to a neighbour so the whole world will soon know all about you.

Thank you again and congrats on a great book. I look forward to the next one about “Family”.

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