Beneath Blades

Beneath Blades

Flying at the Ends of the Earth: a pilot’s journal

I have been privileged to enjoy many countries, many cultures, friends and places as my flying career has unfolded. Over the last 20 years as stories have been told, there have been many people who have said “You should write a book”. “A” book turned into “a flying book” and “a cultural book”, and the flying book – Beneath Blades – has finally become a reality!

While “the flying book” obviously caters to pilots, managers and administrators within the aviation community, there is inevitable overlap with events which may be explored in more depth in “the cultural book”. Beneath Blades was written to capture one person’s journey of 45 years in aviation, from beginning to end, including the most memorable experiences along the way. It is hoped there are lessons learned in it that will prove useful for people in their own journey in aviation or indeed in life generally.

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